About Me

Hi, I’m Andrew! I've been taking photos since I was very young (I got my hands on my first camera around 5 years old!) but began the transition to a professional photographer in my late teens. My first official photography position was lead photographer for QuidditchUK. During my time in QuidditchUK I had my photos appear in the national press following the tournaments I had photographed. Quidditch? Yes, the muggle version of the sport in Harry Potter. Though not a total nerd, I do have an appreciation for certain things that may be considered nerdy! I’m also a big music fan and love playing guitar.

I am now strictly a portrait and wedding photographer, offering portrait sessions, headshots and wedding photography for clients in the Hampshire, Wiltshire and Dorset counties. I chose to specialise in this genre of photography because over the years it has truly become the area of photography I love - I gain great pleasure in capturing great portraits of people and bringing out the best in them. 

So why should you hire me? I’m the reliable one, the friendly one, the jolly one, the one who knows what he’s doing. Photography is now second nature, which means that the shoot is all about you - the lights in the studio, the camera, the composition - they’re things I don’t have to think about anymore, all my energy goes into capturing you at your very best, making you comfortable in front of the camera and creating something we can both be proud of. Be it a family portrait for the wall or mantle piece, a headshot to go on your LinkedIn and represent you to the world of professionals, or your wedding photos to look back on for the rest of your marriage to remind you of one of the best days of your life, let me be the one to capture it for you.

So if you like the look of my portfolio and are interested in using my services, get in touch and let’s get some awesome portraits of you, your friends, your family, and everyone else while we’re at it!