Iona and Will's Engagement Shoot

This summer I had the pleasure of heading out to the country for Iona and Will's engagement shoot. Using Iona's parents house as base, we set out to a nearby walk that's a regular for Iona and Will - I always encourage couples to think about where they want their engagement shoot, and where may be familiar and hold some meaning to them. Iona and Will took it a step further and even brought Iona's parent's dog, Meg, along!

Timing dictated that the shoot had to be done right in the middle of the day; not ideal for photography but thankfully for our first location we had decent cloud cover and shade, so the lighting wasn't quite as harsh as it could be. I was also blessed with an excellent assistant for this shoot - my girlfriend, Nikita, came along to help out and proved invaluable, helping out with reflectors and looking after Meg when she wasn't needed in shot.

We started off walking out into the woods, at this point I haven't even got my camera out the bag yet, just looking out for good spots as we go by to possibly stop off at on the way back. Upon reaching a clearing we crack on - my first priority is getting the couple comfortable and getting a feeling for how much direction they need for posing.


Moving on, we're right next to a wide open field full of fresh straw bales, so I make a beeline straight to one of them to check it out. The ground doesn't exactly comfortable, but between a reflector case and a softbox we manage to make things a little more comfortable for the couple to take a seat. With Nikita reflecting some of the sunlight towards them to create some highlights and Meg finally joining them for some shots, we get to work...

Once we were satisfied that we'd got everything we could from the location, we headed back, stopping off at the spots I'd picked out earlier, such as the cornfield...


And the path on which we stood!...


After a quick break for lunch we continued to the second location of the day in a lovely field on the edge of Salisbury Plain. First order of business is to find some shade - by this time it was the middle of the day, a clear sky and very harsh sunlight. The thing to do here to deal with this is to find some shade and make our own highlights with a reflector, and that's exactly what we did!


Finally, we finished off around the corner with a spectacular view of the surrounding landscape. Iona and Will get married June next year and this shoot certainly got us excited for it! This was just a small selection of the photos delivered to them, they got more than 90 photos from this session! Albeit a little longer than a typical session, this is a reflection of the kind of service you'll get from me during your engagement shoot - a lot of photographers will limit the number of photos you get but I include the photos taken on the day as part of the fee - you're paying for my shooting time and the extra time taken to process the photos is included. Don't hesitate to drop me a message if you're interested in hiring me for your wedding, or just a couple's portrait session!